What do we do?

STIA creates digital training content for all stakeholders in the China senior care sector.

It includes comprehensive content for training the caregivers in the sector.

It is designed to instill customer centered care service.

China-focused original content

Our content is based on top international standards, and have been 100% localized for China with the right eye-level for the user groups.  Our content is to provide practical skills training and information rather than procedure focused memorization. 

We have comprehensive caregiver training content.  Other examples are Nutrition management for Diabetes, Nutrition management for Healthy Heart, Daily Exercise videos, Home safety tips. 

We are the only provider of comprehensive “Memory Care” content in China. Our content is visual, engaging and interactive to engage all learners regardless of their education background.  They are all short 2-5 minute video based content.

Building Scalable Capacity for a market with a big challenge


To train tens of millions of caregivers in a country that is vast, and where the learners come from various rural areas, we believe in utilizing technology to build the capacity and increase efficiency in learning.

We believe in going a step further than the traditional e-learning concept of moving off-line content to on-line.  Using digital technology, user engagement, and social media, we bring learning result that is much higher than the traditional e-learning.

Content example - Memory Care

Our content includes

Caregiver Level 1

This section covers all essential basics for general caregivers who work with seniors who are in Assisted Daily Living (ADL) situation.  It also covers other essentials including ethics, communication skills, building empathy, preventing infection, and essential first aid procedures.  50 random assessments from our question bank are included.

Dementia Essentials

Dementia: Practical guide to specific behaviors


Dementia: Practical guide to aggressive behaviors

Nutrition Basics

Nutrition tips for healthy heart

Nutrition tips for managing diabetes

Seniors’ health & exercise

Basic safety tips in the house

Impactful Information for ALL

Empower rural workers by giving knowledge, skills & jobs

Professionalize workforce

Increase awareness level of health & elderly-care

Constant Engagement

Engaging blog articles

Lots of incentives & rewards designed to increase engagement

Engaging & Effective

Our content is locally produced

High quality video-based

Easy to follow

Progress Tracking

Periodic reports or direct access to learners’ progress (B2B clients)

Latest company news

September 2020

STIA was invited to attend the “China Medical City” exhibition held in Taizhou during 19-21 September. It was a very positive experience for the Company it being the first time showcasing the Company in a large public arena.


August 2020

STIA China became a member company of the Shanghai Senior Care Association.

August 2020 – Agreement with Huashan Hospital, Fudan University

STIA China has entered into an agreement with Huashan Hospital, Fudan University. 20+ of STIA China’s videos have been selected for the purpose of content collaboration with the Hospital for various purposes in the area of “Seniors’ balance & Prevention of falls.”

Pilot Training with Sector leaders – Dementia Certificate Program

Starting from the beginning of March 2020, STIA conducted a series of online training for the selected groups of key opinion leaders in the senior care and dementia care sector.  These groups of learners went through 3 levels of dementia training courses.  The program was conducted using our CPD certificate courses (PCDC1, PCDC2, PCDC3).  These courses are designed for learners to spend between 30 minutes to an hour.  These courses consist of online self study of our video content, and daily quizzes following the videos, and finally daily discussions which were moderated by STIA’s facilitator.

A lot of lively discussions took place and learners’ feedback was indeed very positive.  Here are examples of what our learners had to say about our training program.

February 2020 –  CPD Certificate

STIA China has been accepted as a member company of “Continuing Professional Development” (membership #13082).  In the aged care industry in China, there are no national certificate programs currently available.  As of September 2020, nine of STIA courses have now been approved and received certificates.

  • Person-centered dementia care (PCDC) 1, PCDC2, PCDC3
  • Dementia TTT (train-the-trainer) level 1
  • Essential Nutrients for Seniors
  • Managing common risks for seniors
  • Chronic disease management
  • Caregiving foundation course

December 2019 – Copyright

STIA China has started the process of registering videos with the China Copyright office.  All together 190 videos were included in the registration.  After a few months of evaluation, we are very happy to say that we finally received the certificates in March 2020.

February 2019 – April 2019

STIA China was invited to participate in the MCI (Mild Cognitive Impairment) Intervention research project organized and conducted by the Fudan University, School of Social Works together with the Shanghai ChangZheng Hospital. The project was divided into two parts, and STIA participated in the second part of the project which is involving online education and training of the participants.

January 2019 – May 2019

At the request of the Pudong Senior Association, STIA has conducted a series of training sessions for the senior population of Pudong area. It was over a five-month period at nine street communities. Altogether, 45 sessions were conducted. Topics covered were mostly about dementia preventive lifestyle and also on nutrition. Feedback from the seniors as well as the Association representative was very positive.

November 25, 2018 – Dementia Care

Founder Mathiesen has been invited to speak at the Dementia Assessment seminar organized by Shanghai Mental Health Center.

October 2018 – Partner with Watermark

亚训STIA has entered an agreement with a leading US dementia care specialist nursing home operator Watermark to conduct joint online-offline training in the China market.

June 2018 – ‘Ladies who Tech’ event

Founder Mathiesen spoke at the “Ladies Who Tech (LWT) 1st Annual Convention” on the 2nd of June, 2018, Healthcare breakout session.

May 2018 – Project with Goldencare

Community care specialist. Pilot at a model center in Xuhui District. Proposal submitted to the SH Government (project includes caregiver training and senior exercise program).

April 2018 – Project with YDCare

Purpose: To create an efficient online/offline program for the official Certificate Training Program for Shanghai Government.; Runs 6 official training schools for the SH Certificate system.

See the feedback from this project below.


March 2018 – “China Senior care – now and future”  event

Founder Mathiesen organized and moderated a panel discussion.  On March 27, 2018, AmCham Shanghai’s event on “China Senior care – now and future” with industry leaders.  The event was jointed organized with the Real Estate Committee and Healthcare Committee at AmCham.

November  2017 – 亚训STIA founder Nayoung Mathiesen (郑那泳) was invited a Panel speaker on “Innovation in China Senior Care Sector” on 22nd November 2017 at KPMG Innovation Center in Shanghai.  The event was co-organized by KPMG, IAHSA (China Association of Homes and Services for the Ageing), HCD (Healthcare Drink) Senior Care Group, Shanghai Oxford-Cambridge Society.  It was a successful event with the participation by150+ industry leaders and investors.

Other speakers were –
Mei Dong (keynote speaker), Partner, Head of Aged Care Sector, KPMG Beijing
Bochen Tang, Director of Investment, Fosun Group
Cathie Liu, Director, ACCESS Health International
Charles Bark, Founder, HiNouNou
Serena Xie, Founder/CEO YD Care

November 2017 – 亚训STIA was selected 10 finalists out of 260 contestants in Shanghai Government Organized Competition on “Design on Aging Challenge”

Get in touch with us at info@stiachina.com